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Wally Steele has been involved in various aspects of software engineering since 1980. In January 1997 he set up his own consultancy business which subsequently became Wally Steele Ltd. The company provides services to support, develop and improve clients' processes and communication. We work with a network of associates to provide additional resources and a wider range of services.

Since 1997 we have:

  Developed intranet websites for delivery of process documentation and templates, produced the first releases, provided templates and trained client staff
  Supported Process Improvement Programmes, documented processes, created house styles and templates
  Designed and built bespoke software tools and a Rapid Application Development (RAD) toolkit
  Produced User Guides, covering both hardware and software, for a range of ‘state of the art’ Digital Video Broadcast test equipment
  Provided on-going design, implementation and support of websites, marketing materials, printed and electronic documentation for other consultancies.

Our clients include: financial services, telecoms, consultancies, equipment manufacturers, broadcasters and media companies.


St. Martin's Place
Church Lane, Preston
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 e-mail: enquiries at wallysteele.com
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