document  noun  a piece of written, printed or electronic matter that provides information or that serves as a formal record.
document  verb  to record in written, photographic or other form.
documentation  noun  1 the documents required in the provision of information. 2 written specifications or instructions.

People read what interests them. The reader is in control, if they don't like what they are reading they can turn the page, click on or switch off. A good document is one that people read and act upon.

At Wally Steele Ltd. we provide services to design, write and produce: User Guides, Manuals, Procedures, Process Documentation, Reports, Document Templates and Tools. Plus related Marketing Materials, Advertisements, Flyers, Newsletters, and co-ordinated business stationery. We can provide specific services, a complete end-to-end service including commercial printing, we can provide tools and training for you to develop your own documentation. Our services include:

Designing documentation and developing Templates
Writing, editing and proof reading copy
Producing illustrations, graphs, diagrams and photographs including image manipulation and special effects
Creating re-usable documents and components for use in different media such as print, web pages and Adobe PDF.


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